Scientific Production

Scientific Production


The list below contains the scientific production of the French Institute of Pondicherry from 2009 onwards. It includes books, edited books, CD-ROMs, maps, book chapters, articles, published conference papers, theses, reports, working papers, awards and other miscellaneous publications.

For publications brought out under the imprint of the IFP and available for sale, please visit the Bookstore page. For the IFP’s scientific production deposited in the HAL-SHS open archive see the IFP's HAL-SHS page.



TATACHARYA N.S.R. and LAKSHMINARASIMHAM S., 2017. The Avacchedakatānirukti (of the Dīdhiti and Gādādharī) with the Subodhā commentary by N.S. Ramanuja Tatacharya, Regards sur l'Asie du Sud no 8 / Vyākhyānamālā no 2. SCSVMV University Publication Series no 38, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya, Kanchipuram, vi, 290 p., ISBN: 978-81-8470-210-1. [Publisher link]

Edited books

SEBASTIA B. (ed.), 2017. Eating Traditional Food : Politics, Identity and Practices, Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment, Routledge, 226 p., ISBN: 9781138187009. [Publisher link]

Book chapters

LANDY F., 2017. Urban leopards are good cartographers: Human-nonhuman and spatial conflicts at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, In: Rademacher A., Sivaramakrishnan K. (ed), Places of Nature in Ecologies of Urbanism, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, p. 67-86, ISBN: 978-9888390595. [Publisher link]
PRAKASH V., 2017. Vaṇṇam : tracing the ancient Tamil music tradition, Tracing ancient India, through text and traditions, Puṣpikā; 4, Oxbow books, Oxford, p. 119-131, ISBN: 978-1-78570-756-8. [Publisher link]
SEBASTIA B., 2017. Beef is our Secret of Life: Controversial Consumption of Beef in Andhra Pradesh, India, In: Sébastia B. (ed), Eating Traditional Food: Politics, Identity and Practices, Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment, Routledge, ISBN: 9781138187009. [Publisher link]
SEBASTIA B., 2017. Eating Traditional Food: Politics, Identity and Practices, In: Sébastia B. (ed), Eating Traditional Food: Politics, Identity and Practices, Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment, Routledge, ISBN: 9781138187009. [Publisher link]
TEIL G., 2017. Protecting Appellations of Origin: One Hundred Years of Efforts and Debates, In: Caenegem W., Cleary J. (ed), The importance of place: geographical indications as a tool for local and regional development, Springer, p. 147-171, ISBN: 978-3-319-53073-4. [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

BALACHANDRAN N. and [et al.], 2017. A new species of Tetrastigma (Vitaceae) from Tamil Nadu, southern India, Webbia : Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography, 72 (1) : 113-116, DOI : 10.1080/00837792.2017.1308110. [Publisher link]
BARONE S., SANNIER B., RAZÈS M., CAMPARDON M., GUÉRIN-SCHNEIDER L. and RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., 2017. Qui sont les « élus de l’eau » ? À propos de l’investissement sectoriel des élus locaux, Développement durable et territoires, 8 (2) : 18 p., DOI : 10.4000/developpementdurable.11832, Online journal. Title of this journal issue: Lutte contre le changement climatique et maîtrise de la demande d’énergie. [Publisher link]
BORGY B., [et al.], MUNOZ F. and [et al.], 2017. Sensitivity of community-level trait-environment relationships to data representativeness: a test for functional biogeography (In press), Global Ecology and Biogeography, 26 (6) : 729-739, DOI : 10.1111/geb.12573. [Publisher link]
BOUCHET D.C., CHEPTOU P.-O. and MUNOZ F., 2017. Mowing influences community-level variation in resource use strategies and flowering phenology along an ecological succession on Mediterranean road slopes, Applied Vegetation Science, 20 (3) : 376-387, doi : 10.1111/avsc.12311. [Publisher link]
COUDERT Y., BELL N.E., EDELIN C. and HARRISON J., 2017. Multiple innovations underpinned branching form diversification in mosses, New Phytologist, To complete once published (vol/issue & pages), DOI : 10.1111/nph.14553, [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C., THÉRO H., PUISEUX A. and BONHOMME V., 2017. Understand ecosystem regime shifts by modelling ecosystem development using Boolean networks, Ecological Complexity, 31 : 104-114, [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C. and MORON V., 2017. Potential stabilizing points to mitigate tipping point interactions in Earth’s climate, International Journal of Climatology, 37 (1) : 399-408, DOI : 10.1002/joc.4712. [Publisher link]
GOEDECKE J., GUÉRIN I., D’ESPALLIER B. and VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., 2017. Why Do Financial Inclusion Policies Fail in Mobilizing Savings from the Poor : Lessons from Rural South India, Development Policy Review, DOI : 10.1111/dpr.12272. [Publisher link]
GONMADJE C., PICARD N., GOURLET-FLEURY S., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and [et al.], 2017. Altitudinal filtering of large-tree species explains above-ground biomass variation in an Atlantic Central African rain forest, Journal of Tropical Ecology, 33 (2) : 143-154, DOI : 10.1017/S0266467416000602. [Publisher link]
GRENIÉ M., DENELLE P., TUCKER C.M., MUNOZ F. and VIOLLE C., 2017. funrar: An R package to characterize functional rarity, Diversity and Distribution, 23 (2) : 1365-1371, DOI : 10.1111/ddi.12629. [Publisher link]
GUÉRIN I., LANOS Y., MICHIEL S., NORDMAN C.J. and VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., 2017. Insights on Demonetisation from Rural Tamil Nadu: Understanding Social Networks and Social Protection, Economic & Political Weekly, 52 (52) : 44-53. [Publisher link]
GUSMAWATI N., [et al.], PROISY C. and [et al.], 2017. Surveying shrimp aquaculture pond activity using multitemporal VHSR satellite images - case study from the Perancak estuary, Bali, Indonesia, Marine Pollution Bulletin, [Publisher link]
HUDSON L.N., [et al.], PÉLISSIER R. and RAMESH B.R., 2017. The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project, Ecology and Evolution, 7 (1) : 145-188, DOI : 10.1002/ece3.2579. [Publisher link]
JEYAKUMAR S., AYYAPPAN N., MUTHURAMKUMAR S. and RAJARATHINAM K., 2017. Impacts of selective logging on diversity, species compostion and biomass of residual lowland dipterocarp forest in central Western Ghats, India, Tropical Ecology, 58 (2) : 315-330. [Publisher link]
JUCKER T., CASPERSEN J., CHAVE J., ANTIN C. and [et al.], 2017. Allometric equations for integrating remote sensing imagery into forest monitoring programmes, Global Change Biology, 23 (1) : 177-190, DOI : 10.1111/gcb.13388. [Publisher link]
LANDY F., BELAIDI N. and GAUDRY-SADA K.-H., 2017. Les espaces protégés urbains, vecteurs de justice ou d’injustice pour les populations autochtones ? Les cas de Xochimilco et des parcs nationaux de Mumbai et du Cap/Urban Protected Areas: Forces of justice or injustice for Indigenous populations? The cases of Xochimilco and the national parks of Mumbai and Cape Town, Justice spatiale / Spatial Justice, (11) . [Publisher link]
LANDY F., 2017. Rescaling the public distribution system in India: Mapping the uneven transition from spatialization to territorialization, Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 35 (1) : 113-129, DOI : 10.1177/0263774X16666080. [Publisher link]
MISHRA D., 2017. Mayūra : the poet and his popularity, Dhimahi: Journal of Chinmaya International Foundation Shodha Sansthan, 8 : 178-187.
MOREL J., BAC A. and VEGA C., 2017. Terrain Model Reconstruction from Terrestrial LiDAR Data Using Radial Basis Functions, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 37 (5) : 72-84, DOI : 10.1109/MCG.2017.3621225 . [Publisher link]
MURUGAN K. and SARAVANAN G., 2017. A Scientometric Study on International Journal of Remote Sensing: 2006-2015, Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science, 6 (2) : 139-145. [Publisher link]
MUTHUSANKAR G. and [et al.], 2017. Coastal erosion vs man-made protective structures: evaluating a two-decade history from southeastern India, Natural Hazards, 85 (1) : 637-647, DOI : 10.1007/s11069-016-2583-7. [Publisher link]
OSURI A.M., [et al.], AYYAPPAN N. and [et al.], 2017. Successional status, seed dispersal mode and overstorey species influence tree regeneration in tropical rain-forest fragments in Western Ghats, India, Journal of Tropical Ecology, DOI : [Publisher link]
PARGAL S., [et al.], BALACHANDRAN N., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and PÉLISSIER R., 2017. Inverting Aboveground Biomass–Canopy Texture Relationships in a Landscape of Forest Mosaic in the Western Ghats of India Using Very High Resolution Cartosat Imagery, Remote Sensing, 9 (3) : 228, DOI : 10.3390/rs9030228. [Publisher link]
PERRONNE R., MUNOZ F. and [et al.], 2017. How to design trait-based analyses of community assembly mechanisms: insights and guidelines from a literature review, Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 25 : 29-44, [Publisher link]
PLOTON P., AYYAPPAN N., BALACHANDRAN N., BARATHAN N., PROISY C., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M., PÉLISSIER R. and [et al.], 2017. Toward a general tropical forest biomass prediction model from very high resolution optical satellite images, Remote Sensing of Environment, 200 : 140-153, DOI : [Publisher link]
PREMATHILAKE R., ANUPAMA K., RAJAN K., PRASAD S., ORUKAIMANI G. and YATHEES KUMAR V.P., 2017. Implications of phytolith records from an Early Historic megalithic burial site at Porunthal in Southern India, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 11 : 491-506. [Publisher link]
PREMATHILAKE R., AKHILESH K., ANUPAMA K., PAPPU S., PRASAD S., GUNNELL Y. and ORUKAIMANI G., 2017. Phytoliths as indicators of Quaternary vegetation at the Paleolithic site of Attirampakkam, India, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 14 : 479-499, DOI : [Publisher link]
PROISY C., [et al.], MUTHUSANKAR G., [et al.] and RICOUT A., 2017. Monitoring mangrove forests after aquaculture abandonment using time series of very high spatial resolution satellite images: A case study from the Perancak estuary, Bali, Indonesia, Marine Pollution Bulletin, DOI : [Publisher link]
RAEVEL V., AYYAPPAN N., BALACHANDRAN N., ARAVAJY S., BARATHAN N., RAMESH B.R. and MUNOZ F., 2017. Taxonomic and ecological database of trees of Western Ghats - TreeGhatsData [Data set], Zenodo, Version 1, DOI : [Publisher link]
RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and [et al.], 2017. BIOMASS : An R Package for estimating aboveground biomass and its uncertainty in tropical forests, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, DOI : 10.1111/2041-210X.12753. [Publisher link]
RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., BOULEAU G. and BARRETEAU O., 2017. Ce qu’apporte la prospective à la gestion locale de l’eau : l’exemple de Thau, Sciences Eaux & Territoires : La revue d'Irstea, 1/2017 (22) : 36-41. [Publisher link]
RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., 2017. Ambivalence des eaux souterraines dans le journal The Hindu: promouvoir leur préservation tout en accueillant des justifications de leur exploitation, Developement Durable et Territoires, 8 (1) : 29 p, DOI : 10.4000/developpementdurable.11526 . [Publisher link]
SPEER J.H., [et al.], NATH C.D. and [et al.], 2017. Pinus roxburghii stand dynamics at a heavily impacted site in Nepal: Research through an educational fieldweek, Dendrochronologia, 41 : 2-9, DOI : 10.1016/j.dendro.2016.01.005. [Publisher link]
TOURNEBIZE R., [et al.], MUNOZ F. and [et al.], 2017. Two disjunct Pleistocene populations and anisotropic postglacial expansion shaped the current genetic structure of the relict plant Amborella trichopoda, PLOS ONE, 12 (8) : e0183412, [Publisher link]
VAN KLINK I., RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., AUBRIOT O. and PRABHAKAR P.I., 2017. From climate change to changes in agriculture, land and water at village level: a foresight approach in India, Sciences Eaux & Territoires : La revue d'Irstea, p. 1-7, Article hors-série no. 34. [Publisher link]
VAN KLINK I., RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., VENKATASUBRAMANIAN G., AUBRIOT O. and PRABHAKAR P.I., 2017. Du changement climatique au changement des pratiques agricoles : une démarche prospective dans un village indien, Sciences Eaux & Territoires : La revue d'Irstea, 1/2017 (22) : 56-61. [Publisher link]
VIDAL D. and BALASUBRAMANIAN D., 2017. Comment s’inventent les bateaux ? Cargos en bois du Tamil Nadu, Techniques & Culture, (67) : 176-195, DOI : 10.4000/tc.8486. [Publisher link]
VINOTH M., 2017. Śabdajñānasya dharmajanaktādhikaraṇam” (शब्दज्ञानस्य धर्मजनकताधिकरणम्), Prācīprajñā, 4 : 1-7.
VIOLLE C., [et al.], MUNOZ F. and [et al.], 2017. Functional rarity: the ecology of outliers, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 32 (5) : 356-367, DOI : [Publisher link]

Non peer-reviewed journal articles

MARIUS K., 2017. Inde : Le programme Aadhaar (« fondation » en hindi) : la plus vaste opération d’enregistrement multibiométrique du monde, Trait d'Union (July),

Conference papers (published)

MOREL J., 2017. An Android application to visualize Point clouds and meshes in VR, In: Xiao Y., Abraham A.P. (ed), Paper presented at the International Conferences Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2017 and Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Computational Intelligence 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, July 21-23, 2017, International Association for Development of the Information Society, p. 290-294, ISBN: 9978-989-8533-66-1. [Publisher link]
RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., 2017. The social depth of groundwater and management issues, Paper presented at the 17th International Hydrological Decade (IHD) Endowment Lecture, March 27th 2017, Centre for Water Resources, Anna University, Chennai, 24 p..

Working Papers

HILGER A. and NORDMAN C.J., 2017. The role of social networks and skills in determining trust- Evidence from rural South India, IFP, DIAL, Working Paper, preliminary draft.